Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs & Executives

I want to thank you for taking on the responsibility of leadership. You’re leading people at a time where the speed of change is unprecedented! Not an easy task.

Our company vision is to create a bridge to a new workplace where people are engaged, courageous and fulfilled in today’s world.

We use Ancient Wisdom principles, tools and techniques to transform organizations into spirited cultures of purpose and…

we achieve this by empowering individuals to become charismatic, mindful & passionate leaders.

It’s the perfect time for you to adopt and use the skills of Ancient Wisdom in leadership because science has confirmed that they work!

Let me state that another way.

Tools and techniques used by cultures across the globe for a very long time to master the human experience have been confirmed by science. An example of that is in what’s commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction which means like frequencies attract one another.

After 25 years of leading people in business and 18 years studying Ancient Wisdom I’ve put the best of the best of these powerful processes into the Wisdom Leadership Academy for executives and entrepreneurs.

This leadership development program is specifically designed to provide you with a powerful path of development. It will quickly solve the employee engagement problem. Along with first controlling, and then eliminating your stress associated with leading an organization in today’s world.

The Wisdom Leadership Academy

12 Online Modules: Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills

Module 1: The Ultimate “Stress Management” System
Learn to stop the stress response in your body. You’ll be making decisions and leading without the influence of stress. The feeling of peace will return to your life.

Module 2: The Energy of “Visionary Leadership”
See people respond positively and be inspired by your presence. As you take action your team and organization will get behind your vision. You’ll be leading with the courage, wisdom and power of heart and you’ll feel a passion for work and life return.

Module 3: Employee Motivation – Employee Retention
Transform even your problematic relationships. You’ll learn how to use ancient wisdom tools that naturally motivate people to do their best for you. You’ll be relieved as less wasted time and drama is created at work.

Module 4: The Energy of Your Leadership Part 1
Change your energy—Change your results. Use your thoughts, feelings and vision to change what’s not working with the least amount of effort. Your personal transformation will leave you feeling empowered as you handle the day-to-day.

Module 5: The Energy of Your Leadership Part 2
You’ll have a new set of tools for the problems you encounter. Despite having to overcome challenges you’ll be able to keep people energized and focused. You’ll feel assured as you move your organization forward in our rapidly changing world.

Module 6: Leadership Strategies and Growth
Learn to shape the way people feel and receive what you communicate to them. With every important relationship the other party will want mutual success. Your path as a leader will move to a whole new level and you’ll feel inspired about your leadership.

Module 7: Powerful Decision Making – Effective Leadership
You’ll have a new tool to always get the most from your mind and power. People will admire and respect your calm focused leadership. You’ll relax and home life will improve as you now have the Ancient Wisdom tools to use the full power of your mind.

Module 8: Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills
No matter what happens you’ll be able to quickly change your mindset. Your team and organization will thrive because of your centered leadership. You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment as your new skill set kicks in as a Transformational Visionary Leader.

Module 9: Employee Connection
This advanced set of relationship techniques will motivate almost anyone. People will know and feel your charismatic presence and hold you in the highest regard. Joy and Passion will be the mood you feel and display.

Module 10: Leadership Philosophy
You’re going to lead your organization into a new era of employee engagement. People will quit sabotaging your leadership and you’ll be proud of yourself as a leader.

Module 11: The Transformational Leader
You’’ll learn how to quickly turn around heated situations that can easily get out of control. Your team and organization will speedily recover from stressful times and changes in direction. This will create a feeling of peace for you. In every area of your life.

Module 12: Building Future Leaders
You’ll establish your legacy as a powerful business leader. We’ll work with you to groom the leadership in your company that can move quickly with an entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll feel inspired by the culture you’ve created.

Ancient Wisdom Leadership Bi-weekly Mastermind Calls (Monthly Membership)

Stay on track with Stress-Free Leadership and the rest of the Ancient Wisdom Leadership processes. You’ll implement these powerful processes faster with actual real life—real time examples.

3 Months Coaching Support

3 months phone and email support with one of my associates because she’s a master at teaching my Instant Mindfulness Method. If you have any problems at all with integration email us for a quick call.