“Transformational Leadership becomes possible when we truly connect with other human beings using the Power of Heart. ”—John English

Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills

John English

Founder & Chief Visionary

a.k.a. “The Possibilities Guy”

A serial entrepreneur John is the creator of Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills. He has successfully founded four companies over the last 25 years including Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business. As an award-winning author, coach and teacher  John has spoken and taught internationally on topics including leadership, business, alternative healing, the ancient wisdom of shamanism, and the Toltec teachings.

In addition to being the Chief Visionary with the company his other roles are department head for executive coaching, new product development and lead presenter for our group programs.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business

Ryan Schwartz

Chief Relationship Specialist

a.k.a. “Mr. Wonderful”

Ryan Schwartz is Chief Relationship Specialist at Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business as well as an associate coach. Ryan is a self made man who started out as a helper in the construction industry 23 years ago. He rose through the ranks to be a VP in Sales, Operations and Business Development.

Music is a big part of Ryan’s life. He began playing guitar in his teens and he says, “ Music is a way for me to express and connect to mySelf.” Ryan is also a certified Yoga Instructor.

Contact Ryan to schedule a complimentary Wisdom Leadership Session!

Stress-Free Work Technique

Barbara Christine Haines, M.A.Ed.

Associate Coach

a.k.a. “Our Feminine Sage”

Barb is a Holistic Heart-Centered Counselor & Coach,  Energy Practitioner, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is an Arizona Licensed Professional Counselor.  She has worked as a counselor in private practice since 1986.

Barb is an assistant coach for the Wisdom Leadership Academy because she’s a master at helping you Take Control of Your Awareness with our Stress-Free Leadership Technique. She can help you “get it” when it comes to applying the technique.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business

Kailee Murphy

Maestro of Customer Care

a.k.a. “Ms. Pleasant”

Kailee began her working life as a teller for Chase bank. She worked herself up to branch manager at the tender of age of 24. She became one of the young managers who was called upon to turnaround troubled branches because of her skill in developing rapport and connection with her teams.

Kailee is our Maestro of Customer Care and she wears many hats for the company including social media management of our Wisdom Leadership Academy for Managers private Facebook group. She is the dedicated mama bear of two beautiful children.