Transformational Leadership Development

We have executive coaching programs for entrepreneurs and executives in senior leadership. Our private coaching programs are about the transformation of the individual leader. Real lasting change is possible for anyone if it includes transformation.

What we will do is use these programs to uniquely craft a Success System for you with a focus on what your needs are to realize your full potential as a leader.

Our intention with private individual coaching is greatness. Unlocking your greatness as a business leader. To do that we’ll do the following:

  • Identify what causes your stress and eliminate it.
  • Give you the Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills for always having control of your awareness so you can live emotional intelligence.
  • Provide a path for constant clarity for better critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Give you an outlet with someone who understands your level of responsibility and what you go through.

  • And much more!

If living in the full power of what you’re capable of is something you want, then fill out a coaching application and receive a complimentary Wisdom Leadership Session.

Wisdom Leadership Academy: Stress-Less Leadership

Entrepreneurs and Executives

How do you unlock the most Charismatic Inspiring Business Leader within you?

You use Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills —a new approach with little known techniques and processes you won’t find anywhere else. These skills have been used for 1000’s of years to master the human experience!

A Few Program Features:

Instant Mindfulness Method

  • Control and then eliminate the stress response so you always have mental clarity and peace of mind.
  • With control over your mental and emotional state confidence in your leadership will improve and you can stop the infection of actively disengaged employees.
  • You’ll feel empowered as people respond to your centered sense of purpose because you can easily practice emotional intelligence.

Ancient Wisdom Leadership Development

  • 12 online modules with an Entrepreneur and an Ancient Wisdom Keeper ensures you’ll learn these powerful processes quickly and implement them efficiently.
  • From Day 1 your team is going to find you more approachable.
  • You’ll feel relieved as this approachability results in you getting the critical information you need before it’s too late.

Ancient Wisdom Leadership Mastermind Calls

  • In these calls we discuss using the Ancient Wisdom Processes to lead the “minds and hearts” of people…so you can be one of the great business leaders of our time.
  • You’ll intuitively know how to work with every person you come in contact with giving you a competitive advantage for acquiring and retaining talent.
  • Master these skills with your peers to be on the forefront of the movement that is going to inspire and motivate the next generation!

The easiest and most cost effective way for you to have an agile, innovative and engaged workforce is to use Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills.

WLA for Managers

This is an excellent choice for managers. This training has many of the same active learning modules found in the training for executives and entrepreneurs.

  • Instant Mindfulness Method!
  • 6 modules of Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills so managers can thrive in today’s fast paced changing world of business.
  • Online Support—Managers get their questions answered on the program and management challenges in the private Facebook group.

Imagine what your workplace would be like if all managers thrived during change and could quickly develop rapport with almost anyone!

Company, Department and Team Group rates are available for the Wisdom Leadership Academy.