Leadership Development

Stress-Less Leadership

In this one day onsite program John English trains participants on how to use the Instant Mindfulness Method and begin to develop Mastery of Awareness.

Mastery of Awareness is an Ancient Wisdom process to…

  • Consistently practice emotional intelligence.
  • Maintain clarity to take critical thinking skills to a new level.
  • Egoless Leadership—Transformational Leadership: The Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills to lead with a Commanding Presence vs a commanding energy.
  • Guidance on coaching is provided to implement a coaching style of leadership.

Relationship Mastery for Leadership

It’s often said that business is about relationships.

In Ancient Wisdom it’s said, “Life is all about relationships.” As a result a great deal of emphasis is put on Mastering Relationship Skills in our Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills Development.

In this two day onsite program participants will learn:

  • How To quickly develop rapport with anyone.
  • NLP and Ancient Wisdom techniques to ensure day-to-day conversations increase connection and unity.
  • How To use 3 needs every person has in any relationship to increase morale, engagement and productivity.
  • Technique to Increase Emotional Intelligence.
  • Transformational Leadership: How To become the leader people want to follow.

Employee Development Programs

Developing Emotional Intelligence

In today’s fast paced world of business the practice of emotional intelligence is more important than ever to thrive on a personal, team and organizational level.

With so many relationships, the historic rate of change and the stress it causes…How do you practice Emotional Intelligence?

In this one day seminar participants will learn a technique to do so and practice it with active results based learning.

Here’s what participants will experience:

  • Learn to work with emotional based behaviors and how to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Apply insights when working with emotionally charged situations to ensure growth continues for all parties.
  • How to diffuse emotionally charged situations quickly.
  • Techniques for communicating with clarity, precision and without an emotional charge.
  • How To have difficult conversations.

Work without Worry

“Nearly half of all workers suffer from moderate to severe stress while on the job, according to a recent survey. And 66 percent of employees report that they have difficulty focusing on tasks at work because of stress.

Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization and is estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year!”—Fox Business News

Worry and Stress are optional!

Most individuals were never taught that worry and stress are optional and that both have a very negative impact on performance.

In this 1/2 day or full day seminar worry and stress will be reframed for the participants so they change their beliefs about it. Then they will be given processes to increase their productivity and level of happiness by learning to work without worry.

This is a practical active learning based program where each participant will get:

  • A belief structure reframe on worry and stress.
  • A system to take control of their mental and emotional states to stop worry.
  • A process to stay mindful and centered at work.
  • The Instant Mindfulness Method.