Controlling the Energy of Your Vision

My teacher taught me something that was taught to him by his teacher, which was passed down to my teacher’s teacher by his teacher and so on…

It’s fascinating to me that this knowledge, which we now consider to be scientific fact, was know by the ancient wisdom keepers of several cultures thousands of years before science even got around to it!


7 Keys to Remarkable Leadership! [Key #5]

Key #5 for Remarkable Leadership is Conscious Work Relationships So what do I mean by this? A conscious work relationship is where you’re mindful, respectful and heart centered. Notice I didn’t say anything about the other person. That’s because you’re only responsible for yourself. As a leader people will follow what you model for them…


7 Keys to Remarkable Leadership! [Key #1]

The greatest leaders in any area of life, and particularly in business, have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to personal growth. This commitment to personal growth is Key #1 for Remarkable Leadership.


It’s very common when discussing leadership and success to emphasize the importance of continuing to learn…. But, continuing to learn is only a part of personal growth.