“Coaching is the Universal Language of Change and Learning.”—CNN

Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills

“The Power of Life itself is always expanding. If we aren’t growing personally and as an organization then we are in opposition to the power of Life! This expansion can be thrilling, joyful and have a spirit of adventure or it can be stressful and even overwhelming.

What determines the difference between the two is mindset and operating according to same principles and laws Life itself uses. How to use these mindsets, principles and laws are what we offer in our Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills Development.”

I believe at the core of my being that everyone of us has an innate power and wisdom available to live a life on purpose. A life that is full of joy and meaning. These beliefs are at the foundation of our Wisdom Leadership Skills Training.

The journey of life is like the journey to become an exceptional leader—to learn from whatever challenges we’re facing and become empowered by them. Then use that power in our daily lives which includes work.

I have used this philosophy to found four different companies over the last twenty-five years. Three of which were a complete career change. This has resulted in an intriguing life full of adventure. As an entrepreneur I know what it takes to face your challenges and use them to grow as a person. The reason I know the value of coaching and mentoring is because I have been coached and mentored over almost that entire twenty-five year period.

In 2008 I was approached by a successful entrepreneur who asked me, “Hey, do you think we can use the Ancient Wisdom principles and techniques in my business?”

“Yes, I believe we can.” I replied.

This began an intensive process of adapting the principles and techniques taught in Ancient Wisdom used for personal empowerment for leadership and organizational culture. As this gentlemen and I underwent this process I began personally coaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs and corporate executives. We found that these principles and techniques were especially effective in the area of relationships and living without worry and stress.

Since business is really a series of relationships and everyone thinks and performs better without stress our approach resulted in increased levels of success and personal satisfaction.

This journey created Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business and the Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills where we currently offer:

The Wisdom Leadership Academy: Stress-Free Leadership

Employee Development Programs for Emotional Intelligence and Work without Worry

Ancient Wisdom Leadership Skills for executives and managers.

Private Executive coaching for highly committed individuals who are motivated to succeed and be happy at the same time!

It would be my pleasure to assist you in fulfilling your potential as a leader and as a human being! As a company we would consider it an honor to assist your organization in taking advantage of a huge opportunity by establishing a company culture of emotional intelligence and employee engagement.