Ancient Wisdom Leadership

There’s a Big Shakeup coming for the American Workplace! We see this becoming the most profound change for company culture since the advent of the computer.

It’s going to take Transformational Leadership to guide your company through it.

We also believe this change is inevitable. Here’s why. The largest generation in human history, often referred to as the “millennials,” value their experience and enjoyment of life above all else. They want to enjoy their work experience as well.

This generation also doesn’t want, and in many cases won’t work for, organizations that use the outdated model of a Command-and-Control style of leadership. They want a culture of coaching and employee connection in the work environment.

It’s going to take conscious action on your part for your organization to change from low employee engagement under command-and-control leadership to a development and coaching model.

But, it’s necessary for your organization to thrive today and over the next couple of decades.

An easy way for you to begin this shift and see the fastest results to have a thriving engaged workforce is to address stress in the workplace.

“Overall, 43 percent of working adults told us their job negatively affects their stress level…The takeaway here is that job No. 1 for U.S. employers is to reduce stress in the workplace.”—The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health